Cone Beam CT


Cone Beam CT scans can help in the planning of root canal treatment, implant placement, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontic planning and many more functions. They are often requested by dentists and orthodontists, as this new technology provides more complete visual information to study your face from every angle.

The 3D Cone Beam Imaging system is a digital x-ray scanner mounted on a rotating arm. Like a digital camera, it uses digital technology to record images instead of old-fashioned film. It’s called “Cone Beam” because the scanner projects x-rays in a carefully controlled, cone-shaped beam.
You simply sit in a chair while the scanner moves in one complete circle around your head, gathering all the scan data needed. There is no special preparation necessary.

With cone beam CT, an x-ray beam in the shape of a cone is moved around the patient to produce a large number of images, also called views. CT scans and cone beam CT both produce high-quality images. During a cone beam CT examination, the C-arm or gantry rotates around the head in a complete 360-degree rotation while capturing multiple images from different angles that are reconstructed to create a single 3-D image.

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