Image Guided Pain Relief Injections

Pain Relief Injections

Imaging Guided Procedures / Steroid Injections

These are interventional procedures done on patients with the help of imaging. Numerous such procedures are done in our department by qualified radiologists. These fall under the following categories;

Ultrasound Guided Pain Relief Injections

These are cortisone injections performed by a radiologist with the guidance of an Ultrasound machine. Using the Ultrasound makes sure that the medications that the radiologists inject are going into the correct area to offer maximum relief from your symptoms. These injections are mainly used for soft tissue areas and small joints.

CT Guided Pain Relief Injections

These are cortisone injections performed by a radiologist with the guidance of a CT machine. These injections are for targeted relief of pain in large joints such as hips and knees for osteoarthritis, facet joint pain in the spine, nerve root pain in the spine and epidural injections. The CT guidance assists the radiologist in placing the needle in an accurate position for the procedure to work.

CT Arthrogram

A CT Arthrogram is a specific examination to highlight the internal structures of joints such as knees and hips. Using the guidance of the CT machine the radiologist will inject a contrast into the joint so that a full CT can be performed that shows any abnormalities within the structure of the joint.


Some aftercare is required after most procedures. It is suggested that you rest for 24 to 48 hours afterwards. If required, our reception staff can provide you a notice of attendance for your employer, though if you need a medical certificate you will need to discuss this with your referrer.

The radiologist or their assistant will advise you of when to take any dressings off. It can take up to two weeks for any pain relief to take effect, in some very rare occasions you may not receive any relief from these procedures.

If you have any concerns after an interventional procedure, including a reaction, infection or excessive bleeding please contact your referring physician as soon as you are able.

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